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Illusion's Jocks

DJ QUEST Titled as the next big thing in the Estonian choir conducting scene in late 90s, Quest took a turn off the tracks that wo...

Guest Jocks
Dave Storm

Dave Storm is one of the most recognized figures in the house and garage music scene in Estonia, both as a DJ and as a producer. In ...

DJ Marky

Jus'Fine (19.04.2006)
DJ Marky is already a veritable superstar DJ in his homeland Brasil. Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Bras...


He has been dj`ing since 1998. Born in Pärnu, he firstly played at almost all clubnights in his hometown. Since 1999 he has had lots of one-...

Marco Passarani

Stereo ÖÖ (20.04.2006)
It all began in the early 90s when Marco was involved in the Roman radio techno scene and started to contribute to techno raves both ...

Raul Saaremets

Ajukaja (pronounced ayu-ka-ya) aka Raul Saaremets was born in Kohtla-Järve, the dust'n'rust rural monster of a city in the Far East of Eston...

Rulers Of The Deep

The two men have been in the leading front since the birth of Estonian dance music scene more than 15 years ago... DJ Meri (a former ...

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